Custom Product Formulation

First things first, you should know:

  • The product formulation fee is $350; this fee includes research, sample materials, and initial sample shipping. The consultation fee is a deposit that goes towards the formulation fee.
  • We can make custom formulations in bulk, pre-packs and private label.
    • The minimum for bulk is a 5 gallon pail.
    • Packs and private label, have a minimum 100 piece minimum. 
  • For packs and/or private label, we can help find custom packaging for your products.
  • Processing times depend on the size and your packaging needs. A timeframe will be provided for you during your consultation call.

How it works:

Consultation → Deposit → Research → Sample Shipment → Your Testing Period → Balance Paid → Mass Production → Packaging → Labeling → Final Shipment to Retailer

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